In September 2015, The Canadian School of Ballet launched the Okanagan’s first Pre-Professional Half Day Training Program. With over 75 years history of training dancers in a professional environment, COOL STORY BRO created this Program for students wishing to receive a high level of intensive training. It is the goal of CSB’s Pre-Professional Program to continue the legacy of Gwenneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally with establishing excellence in dance in Canada. With training and coaching by our highly qualified instructors and award winning choreographers, the Program provides RAD Syllabus and Exam preparation, Open Classes, Pointe, Modern, Conditioning, Classical Repertoire and Choreography, with opportunities to prepare for local and international ballet competitions and local performances. Students are expected to train with a professional attitude and approach.

It is our desire that dancers from all over the Province may benefit from the Pre-Professional Program and have the opportunity to reach their potential. The Okanagan has a growing arts scene along with a growing climate for elite athletes and we are proud to play our part in building this in our community. We look forward to seeing this Program continue to excel.

Junior Pre-Professional Program

This program is for students in grades 7-9 wishing to achieve a high standard in their dance training. Our goal is to foster an environment for excellence in the artistry and technique of ballet and modern dance. Teachers, choreographers, and adjudicators who have worked with our dancers have all been very impressed with their technique, dedication, and abilities.

Students are expected to participate with a professional attitude and will be evaluated on their technical and artistic progress. We care about the overall well-being of each student and therefore instruct in a manner to promote confidence and growth in technique and performance skills. Programs like this are fully supported by SD23 as they give students the opportunity to excel in non-conventional ways. Along with training dance technique, this program develops life skills such as perseverance, resilience, teachability, self-discipline, work ethic, and responsibility. This program is additional to standard training; therefore, students are expected to continue with their after-school classes as well.

  • The Junior Pre-Professional Program will include:
  • 2 mornings/week of classes (8am-10am)
  • Conditioning
  • Choreography for festivals and competition
  • Pointe work
  • Ballet (non-syllabus)


At this time, we are not holding auditions for our Pre-Professional Program for the 2022/2023 dance season.


  1. Consistent training in a focused environment where each class plan has the goal of training solid technique.  This builds strength, coordination, performance quality, dynamics and motivation for movement so that you may become the best physical and expressive artist you can be.
  2. Students in this Program are with other like-minded students that are passionate about dance and would like to gain the experience needed to pursue a career in dance, and spur each other on.
  3. Dance careers happen when you are young, so getting the best training possible at a young age is crucial.  By the time you graduate high school you should be close to being able to get a job.  Part of training in the Pre-Professional Program is to learn skills in responsibility and organization that are required as a professional.
  4. With many performance opportunities, dancers become more capable and comfortable with their performance.  Because they know they have the training, stamina and strength needed, they can perform with confidence in their abilities.

There is a car-pooling rotation set up between the parents.  Some students take the public transportation (bus) from their school to the studio.

Our program is designed to be a place where students can be challenged to be their best in a positive environment. Students excel when they push themselves, and will only improve and reach their goals if they have the self-discipline and motivation to work hard in class every day. We encourage our students to be supportive of one another. Team building exercises are part of the Program, as students are expected to work with others in a professional manor. The health, safety, and well-being of our dancers is a priority above anything else; dancers will not be expected to perform or participate when any of these things are compromised.

All of our students participate in CSB’s Nutcracker and local competitions – they must do at least 1 solo and all the group pieces that are a part of the Program. We strongly encourage our students to do extra conditioning exercises and stretching on their own time. Some students get ahead in school by doing online subjects (such as CAPP, English, Social Studies or PE) during the summer months.

Upon graduation, students will either attend further post-secondary dance training or audition for apprentice roles in companies. If a professional dance career is not the goal, students will have had enough training to enter a teacher training program, and possibly be able to start teaching or a teaching mentorship.

Some families within the program have been able to accommodate billets. Once these places are filled, there are other students in the general school that could be possible billets.

For Grades 10 and up, you could receive up to 12 credits per year from our program. You can receive credit for PE hours (through online PE), and Fine arts (through RAD exams), as well as possible Independent Directed Studies credit. The Independent Directed Studies would be for projects that are dance related that help you in your dance studies, and credit is given through the Ministry of Education via your school counselor. You need to speak to your school counselor to set this up, it does not happen automatically. For grades 8 & 9, individual schools award credit for courses in their own way. You must speak with your counselor or Vice Principal to obtain credit for courses.


The Canadian School of Ballet has a long history in training excellence in dance and is situated in a thriving, beautiful location which offers a wonderful environment for learning and training.

The Canadian School of Ballet Pre-Professional Program welcomes local and international students to audition. Situated in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is a vibrant city that embraces a welcoming cosmopolitan community that is surrounded by spectacular outdoor views and activities. Kelowna sits on the shores of Okanagan Lake and is surrounded by orchards, wineries and mountains. The Okanagan is quite simply one the most beautiful locations in Canada. Visit to learn more.

Our program is aligned with high schools in School District 23 ( and the schools accommodate student’s schedules to enable them to dance for half of their school day while maintaining the required schooling to graduate.   SD 23 can also provide homestay families for students.

As an option for international students from Japan, our program has teamed up with VIEC Education Canada Ltd. (VIEC) to accommodate students with host families and offer student support. VIEC knows the importance of aiding students as they adjust to cultural differences as well as supporting them with the high demands of their training. Find out more information at



また、日本からの留学生へのオプションとして、VIEC Education Canada Ltd. (VIEC)にご協力いただき、ホームステイや留学生活に関するサポートの提供も可能となりました。VIECは留学生が要求の高いバレエ・トレーニングを受けながらも直面する様々な文化の違いを柔軟に受け入れる事ができるように参加者をサポートすることが如何に重要かを熟知した留学のエキスパートです。



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