Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Updated: April 6, 2021. 

  1. All students in Grade 4 and up must wear a mask when in the studio.
  2. All staff will wear a mask when in the studio.
  3. Class times have been decreased to allow for cleaning between classes (barres, bathroom and high traffic areas).
  4. Covid protocols posted throughout the studio.
  5. Students will be asked screening questions before they enter the studio.
  6. Temperature is taken upon entry to the studio for both staff and students and hands are sanitized.
  7. Students are let in 5 minutes before classes begin to eliminate students waiting in the lobby. Doors will be closed to the public.
  8. Parents are not permitted inside the building.
  9. Separate entrances and exits will be used.
  10. Students who attend are kept track of daily.
  11. 6 foot markers on the floor upon entry in order to keep the dancers safely distanced.
  12. Vital Oxide disinfectant used to disinfect entire inside space.
  13. Change rooms and water fountains are closed.
  14. A single bathroom available for use.
  15. 6 foot squares are clearly marked in studios to stay 6 feet apart.
  16. Studio floors are mopped at the end of each night.