Pre-Professional – The Canadian School of Ballet


Designed to be a place where students can be challenged to be their best in a positive environment.

In September 2015, The Canadian School of Ballet launched the Okanagan’s first Pre-Professional Half Day Training Program. With over 75 years history of training dancers in a professional environment, CSB created this Program for students wishing to receive a high level of intensive training. It is the goal of CSB’s Pre-Professional Program to continue the legacy of Gwenneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally with establishing excellence in dance in Canada. With training and coaching by our highly qualified instructors and award winning choreographers, the Program provides RAD Syllabus and Exam preparation, Open Classes, Pointe, Modern, Conditioning, Classical Repertoire and Choreography, with opportunities to prepare for local and international ballet competitions and local performances. Students are expected to train with a professional attitude and approach.

The dedicated dancers in our Program train a minimum of 15 hours/week in pursuit of excellence in the artistry and technique of ballet and modern dance. The Pre-Professional Program takes place during the school day 3 hours/day, 5 days/week. Students meet the requirements to graduate from high school while in the Program and Okanagan Mission Secondary School and Kelowna Secondary School work with students to arrange schedules for the dancers to coordinate with our program so that they do not miss any academic classes. Students are encouraged to excel in their academics as well as their dancing, so that they graduate with a full range of opportunities.

It is our desire that dancers from all over the Province may benefit from the Pre-Professional Program and have the opportunity to reach their potential. The Okanagan has a growing arts scene along with a growing climate for elite athletes and we are proud to play our part in building this in our community. We look forward to seeing this Program continue to excel.